Would you go, down the rabbit hole..?

“Madness is- a perspective spiralling inside itself..

It is another world, another plain of existence in which I found myself trapped for a time.

I found my way back, but do you know what I realised?.. Sanity is ever madder. Sanity is where the real mystery lies.

Where do I reside now?

Somewhere in between; somewhere on the line between soaring and falling, screaming and smiling-

I live in the world, in my breath, in his eyes. “

– Alexandra Sarll

This blog is my space; my space to document the world as I see it, and reality as it continues to unfold itself for me.

I am a writer, a girl-friend, a schizophrenic, an artist, a support worker, a dreamer.. I want to explore and shed light on how each of these different facets of my self make every day shine a slightly different colour.

How every experience becomes a well from which to draw from.

I have a massive and soul affirming dream to write a book charting the course my life took after being diagnosed with a strange condition called schizophrenia. I fell down the rabbit hole and then found a way back up; and now I want to share what I found down there.

I have recovered and been lucky enough to reach a point where I can look back through clear eyes, but others aren’t so lucky, and I want to use my experiences to help out where I can.

This blog will also allow me to take my own personal swipe at the stigma and mis-information which surrounds serious mental health diagnosis’s.

It’s usually mis-represented, in varying ways- and I figure if enough people come forward with their own experiences of it, a more comprehensive picture can be painted.

I’ve also included some Poetry, some shorter more abstract posts (Short Thoughts), and some focused around more day to day stuff, found in the Misc section.

On Writing is where I am charting the course of my book; writing, editing, tearing my hair out when the words refuse to come.. and everything else surrounding putting together my masterpiece..

On Mental Health is where I write everything crazy, and everything which loop de loops through my mind in multi coloured fashion. Prepare for some random and fairly ‘out there’ perspectives!

Please read, think, comment and, if you think I’m worth it- follow me! This support literally means the world, and only bolsters the belief I have in my ability to realise my dreams.

Thank you for taking the time to check me out, and I very much hope to hear from you!