Shadow Girl

A fleeting glimpse, in the

bus window as you’re exiting

In the fading light of a

Monday afternoon

Of a strained face,

Dark rings dragging down

The eyes and the hunched

Shoulders of shadow girl.

And you frown at the image

and turn your face away

from the wind and

make your way home.


That face, tentative like

A sparrow, hopping along

With no intended destination,

No intention.

A fleeting glimpse of what

You’re running from-

Yesterday’s you,

The monster in the wardrobe

That keeps you wide eyed

Awake and fearful

For things that go bump.

(Don’t look towards the mirror,

Don’t look towards the mirror.)


But sunlight always comes

And always brings colour and substance

To negate the shadow world

Of black and white images

Caught out the corner of

The eye, when your face looks

its most pale and your skin

Is like spider webs cloaking

The bones beneath- grandmas lace

Attempting to cover up dust.


6 thoughts on “Shadow Girl

      1. how funny you would say Jim haha he was a god to me when i was in my teens! hhhaha! no kidding! maybe i will dig out the picture of my room as a kid and really let everyone see inside my mind! hahaa nah might scare them! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hehe he is definitely something of a creative God 🙂 lol.. you should do it, I bet loads of people would relate!! I’d have posters of him in my flat but I don’t think my boyfriend would go for it!!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. yea my boyfriend always acted jealous of my room it was covered hahaa and my dad was so cool he let me paint all over the walls and even the ceiling in giant letters ‘Jim Morrison is God’ hahahahaa it was an obsession no doubt but i loved it! 🙂


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