Reconnecting with the world

I have been on WordPress now for about a week I think, and due to my present fairly free and open schedule I have been able to spend a lot of time exploring the site and reading through different peoples blog posts and pages.

It’s been amazing, eye-opening and reassuring to read about peoples different takes on life, love and everything in between; what it’s all about, and what they dream about and fear most in this world.

It has re immersed me in life, and re immersed me in the fantastic variation of life and perception that exists, and the kaleidoscopic “version of events” that that produces.

So many different people, each with a different voice; the multifarious nature of existence and of personality- we are all beautiful and unique snowflakes, and no two peoples points of view are exactly the same.

We all see the colour purple slightly differently, and we all have a different messages to share.

This has been satisfying on an emotional level, reassuring and encouraging for me to remember how different all the people outside my front door are, and how fascinating it is to talk to a person who is so different from me, and so far removed from all of my hang-ups and issues.

This has been so significant for me. I suffer from schizophrenia, and some of my symptoms can make me feel pretty isolated, and pretty dam desperate if I’m completely honest. I always pick myself up, dust myself off and carry on, but there are moments when I feel so incredibly disconnected from the rest of the world and the people who seem to be able to function well at all times.

Reading through different peoples posts has made me realise that I am not alone in feeling this way, and that there are so many other people out there struggling with their own issues, troubles, and their own metaphorical demons.

There are so many people suffering, in so many different ways- but via WordPress (and I guess the internet in general) this can actually work to bring people together, turning suffering around from being only a source of pain, into a pathway towards uniting people and thus overcoming adversity.

This promotes peace, and acceptance, both of ourselves with all our flaws and failings, and other people with exactly the same self-perceived and externally defined weaknesses.

It must be true that all people want to be listened to and ultimately understood; but this can be so difficult when somebody elses experiences, and thus their very sense of perception is so very different to our own. How can we understand what we do not know ourselves? Β What we have not experienced ourselves?

I maybe think that the first step is to acknowledge and accept the fact that other people are fundamentally different to you, other people have different points of view and frame of reference. Once you have accepted that, and are willing, open and eager to try to understand where they are viewing the world from, and relate to that on any level that you can- then you can then start listening to them.

This is where sites like WordPress are so massively invaluable! You haveΒ have the stories of people from different countries, religions, race, sex, sexual orientation, age, background- I could go on… WordPress allows everybody to tell their own story, and to put across their own point of view; their own experience of this crazy world we live in.

It is then, when you start reading about other peoples different lives and beliefs, that you can find similarities, echoes of thought processes you have had, feelings that have flitted through your self. You start to find shared experience, opinion and belief: and this is so positive and life-affirming, because you realise that you are not alone in this world.

In the last week so this has been so refreshing for me, and so positive!.

I used to use sites such as WordPress years ago, precursors to social media such as OpenDiary, which was my main haunt. Back then I was very used to the notion of sharing your brightest and darkest moments with the vast space of the ether, and then waiting for people on the other side to hear your echoing voice and respond to it. It felt very normal to me then.

I haven’t used sites such as this for years, and now, many years later, I am remembering how brilliant they are; what a sense of community and support you can construct for yourself, simply by reading through other peoples thoughts, news, musings and confessions.

No two people’s impressions are the same, no two people see the world in exactly the same way: and how fascinating is this? How fascinating is it to know that the person you are standing next to may see their reds a little brighter, but their silvers slightly softer- but they are still, ultimately, seeing red and silver.

Here writers are encouraged to be open, honest and exploratory: to explore the different facets of their perception, experiences and feelings, and then connect to other people who are doing the same.

Writers are encouraged to affirm one anothers impressions, to support one anothers points of view.

If only the world could be more like WordPress; or like the experience that I have had of WordPress so far.. I realise how gushing and earnest this sounds, and I am sure trolls abound here as much as anywhere else on the internet; but if only the world could be more like the positive aspects of this site that I have come into contact with so far.

If people stopped and really listened to one another before forming judgements and acting upon them. If people really stopped to consider where another person might be coming from, and tried to understand that point of view before getting angry, or lashing out in whatever way, because it does not instantly correlate with their own understandings.

I guess it is unfortunately not that easy, when you do not have a monitor in front of you to distance you from the rush, the pace, the intensity of life.

I have got so much out of this last week, this chance to reconnect with the world of people that exists just beyond my open door, and re-experience old feelings of connection and inclusion.

WordPress is an awesome platform for sharing words, worlds, opinions and impressions, and I look forward to using it a lot more, and hearing the many various strains of so many different voices; so many different experiences.


29 thoughts on “Reconnecting with the world

    1. Thanks very much! I will return the favour. And I welcome your comments about welcoming God into your heart. I think that sometimes the illness and all its symptoms can seem so massive and overbearing, that something so apparently simple seems impossible somehow.. but I keep an open mind, and try to open my heart to the things which are good for me. Thanks again

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      1. I found that even though I didn’t believe in God, he still watch over me and took care of me. There was still a connection between us. Now it is stronger as I believe full-heartedly.


      2. I hope to reach a similar place πŸ™‚ Thank you for your comments. Although I didn’t mean to post the “reconstructing an Identity” post that I put up last night- it’s very far from being finished, and very very disjointed at the moment, so thanks for checking it out half finished! Have a good day πŸ™‚

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      1. Thank you for the compliments. I have 2 blogs and do different kinds of writing. I have an article on Bipolar due on the 15th for a Bipolar site. The advocate site is my main blog and you might find anything. I have to get back to my daily devotionals. The story blog contains stories, serial stories (non finished completely, but good enough to end where they have. I also write poems

        A friend you are,
        A friend I’ll be.
        Not at a bar,
        But at a blog community.
        Love ya, Tessa

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  1. I don’t know why I can’t ‘like’ your posts, so I’m afraid you’ll just have to take it as read that I appreciate what you write.

    I can understand your feelings of loneliness; in my first year in Germany, a Sunday afternoon would stretch out for what felt like an entire week. I was so lonely! I can only say that in retrospect, I now love being alone in that way, utterly lost, not knowing which way is north and only trees around me. Actually, it is that immediacy of nature that counters the loneliness, there are always things happening that a busy mind would miss.

    As to the colour purple – it is our reaction to it that is different, for the colour itself will be the same. I’m actually slightly colour blind, so purple is one of “those colours” that kind of get lost. Through our physical and emotional abilities, the colour would be different to each of us.

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    1. I now love being alone in that way, utterly lost, not knowing which way is north and only trees around me. Actually, it is that immediacy of nature that counters the loneliness, – I relate to this so strongly! I think that nature always resonates with a deep part of us, which we can tune into if we wish to- letting us be soothed and calmed πŸ™‚ Thank you for your insightful notes.

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      1. So what made the difference between your experiences “outside your comfort zone” that you describe in a different comment – experiences of being lost – and the experience of being lost in nature.

        I think I know, but I get the impression that your description will mean a lot more to me.

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      2. Perhaps it is the difference between being lost with a sense of hope that you will eventually find your way back, and being lost with no hope of getting back to where you have come from. Also actually having a desire to get back to where you came from; being lost but not caring is a whole other ball-game.. then it is like you are simply floating, not fussed whether you are looking up or down, or whether it is dark or light outside. I am a bit of a romantic at heart! So I can often find the beauty in strange or uncertain concepts! Take care πŸ™‚

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      3. Thanks πŸ™πŸ».. because I actually was thinking πŸ’­ you are a man and gay..
        So thanks πŸ™πŸ» for correcting me on that..
        I still love ❀️ how you write how expressive you are


      4. How very interesting!

        Again, your comment points towards consciousness as the arbiter here. I’ll need time to mull this over, it’s a very new part of the world for me!


      5. There’d be no tipping point if you weren’t conscious of it to some degree.

        Whatever, I await future posts in which I trust you will express these things more fully. That’s when we can begin to understand each other properly.


  2. Well I am a little bit of a romantic at heart, so I think that the word ‘lost’ can sometimes hold positive connotations. I think it is fundementally the difference between being lost with hope, and lost without hope. Being lost without hope, is, I think, going through hell.

    But being lost in moments, feeling as though you are simply moving without destination or purpose, can sometimes be soothing on some level, I think. Simply accepting your surroundings, and embracing them; without being aware of where you are going to… it makes you realise how small you are, and how unimportant your decisions are on a wider level.

    But alternatively- being lost beyond your comfort zone is heartbreaking and sometimes terrifying- I think because eventually you start to doubt that you will ever find your way back. And that feeling provokes rage, and despair- not a good mix of feeling!

    I like your focus on the idea of a comfort zone though.. I’d never considered the concept to deeply before. Also- did you say you’d sent me your email somewhere? It might make more sense if we continue these in extended discussions, which I am loving btw! Is a great way to get the old brain working on a Saturday morning πŸ™‚

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  3. Wow 😳!! You know.. Alex.. you have such beautiful deep Thoughts.. and expressed them so well..

    I would to read that book πŸ“š/ novel you are working on..

    I feel the same about WordPress… and the writers I have found here.. everyone is so delightfully different … with so many emotions with their stories…

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