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A drastic make-over..

So I have finally (with help from my marvellous boyfriend) worked out who to navigate wordpress’s somewhat convoluted formatting system.

I have absolutely no prior knowledge of how to build websites, or HTML, or anything in this vein- and so have been tetchily sitting twiddling my thumbs and grinding my teeth in frustration at menu bars which just won’t link to the content I want to put into them, and background images which just won’t resize into the shape and format that I want.

But, finally, I have been successful!

And so.. I present to you all, with much aplomb and ceremony, my new, updated, made over, mega professional, shiny and spectacular looking blog! (Still entitled, A mad new world, because I kinda liked that..)

Ru and I sat for a good few hours last night, and then a few more this morning clicking buttons and trial running different themes, discarding some because they wouldn’t allow me to post excerpts rather than the whole article, and others because they looked to corporate; we tested out different colour schemes, fonts, widgets of varying usefulness and functionality- and basically tried out every single conceivable combination of effects, styles and formats.

It took a while, but we both agree it was definitely several hours well spent, as we both now have blogs which better reflect our individual visions and can be accessed with more ease, allowing our audiences to navigate them more efficiently and find posts in specific categories faster.

In fact, that was the main eureka moment for both of us- realising that it is the category that you assign to a post which determines how you ย organise it into a menu.. once we had that down there was no stopping us!!

So I now have four new menu links, which link via categories(!),ย to the articles I’ve written over the last few months. If you’ve read any of my posts, you’ll know I’m not very good at keeping under the recommended 800 word count, which is meant to increase the likelihood of readers actually making it to the end of a post. This is something I am working on..

So I’m going to create a new category, for posts which are under 500 words, and this will allow me to practise being more concise in my writing, and hopefully mean more people will check me out, because not every single one of my posts will be extended, looooooong reads.

This will be the first post in that section..

So.. I am going to draw this to a close, quickly drawing attention to my poetry, writing and mental health sections, for you to peruse at your leisure.. and I really hope that you like the new face and appearance of my blog, and can find what you are specifically looking for easily!



7 thoughts on “A drastic make-over..

      1. It’s button, the same one as Ru has ๐Ÿ™‚ Lol I must’ve tried every single theme there was, and then went back and decided that he’d already picked the best one ๐Ÿ™‚

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