Crimson ivory fate- a Gothic love story..

(Poem written in 2002- wowzas..)

I wanted you to continue with

your agony out-pour red,

I longed to feel you screaming

hear you shriek at all I’d said.

You liked to scratch me inside

in places hidden deep,

you stroked and teased this dark place

while my eyes grew crazed and wept.

I slowly gave myself to that

gave in and swooped to fall,

beneath the elm trees blowing

and the moons unearthly call.

I swayed around the courtyard

my skirts got caught on glass,

they ripped and left me ragged

my exquisite self was halved.

But this was pleasure beautiful

beneath the ivory light,

your eyes found mine within the dark;

homed in, you came with night.

You froze me close and circling

I felt you at my neck,

the wind was stroking, twisting me

repaid some lifelong debt.

But you were tall and deathly

your soul seeped into mine,

your skin was ice with mouth of life,

we mingle to one in time.


And now, much later, all is still

am I still awake?

I’ve been reborn, I am alive;

alive through your crimson – ivory fate.



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