Riding the waves of a deep dark ocean

Abreast a seemingly tiny wave

I do not realise how deep those currents go.

If I were to lie on my belly and look down

into the water upon which I float and stare

into those vast and shadowy depths

I would only see until the darkness started-

I would not be able to comprehend how

far down that space exists and how utterly

pitch black and silent it is down there in

the deep reaches. It all lies below me.

Until the forces and the currents

which move and affect said

darkness reach up

in a forceful


concerted motion and create a wave-

a wave which can touch me, even on the top

where I am currently floating. I am pushed with

such force and such noise, despite the fact that

previously there appeared to be nothing

all about me and only cloudy sky above me.

As above, so below-

winds touch high and winds reach low,

and I am deliberately and irrevocably moved.


4 thoughts on “Riding the waves of a deep dark ocean

  1. I think I’ve been there, too. This from what would have been Part 3.

    There is no eye that can see into these yawning depths. This impenetrable darkness is where nothing really is nothing and nobody knows anything.
    A life spent in the blind safety of knowing, now has nothing to know and nothing to guide it. Unseen, the silken skeins slip from the safety of the harbour wall. Unaware now that their mind is adrift in the blackness, cannot know that it has drifted from an area where there is at least a seabed, to a place where there is none. Here, there is no anchor chain long enough. If there were, it would be so long that it would snap under its own weight.

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