Love- the biggest word (1)

What is love?

What is this massive word, which pulls so

strongly on our souls, and creates such

upheavals that we tear ourselves apart again and

then carry on forwards, continuously

breaking and reforming like clouds drifting in the sky.

It is this constant push and pull, this constant

demand on parts of us to remain moving and in

rhythm with another; constant dynamism, action, reaction-

constant violence, constant synchronicity at

the very deepest level. It is like gravity- an eternal force

which never sleeps and never rests.

My atoms are affected, they call out at this unrest,

this movement and this uproar. Blood boils

like in a cauldron, tree bark scratches my back

as I wriggle on the earths floor, energised and

mercilessly revived and

endlessly affected by the elemental’s of another.


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