Journey’s End

I’m floating where the sun shines cold

clinging to a face;

on pale breeze comes a song of old,

echoing through this lonely space.

It draws me round to darkness

but caresses with such love

the stars seem hung in brightness

calling light and fire above.

Now nothing sensed is quite at ease

beneath my windswept skin;

but if you hush and close your eyes

you’re welcome to float in.

You’ll realise just on entering

that heaven’s in the eyes,

and all is silent way up here-

forever is in the skies.


You fly and fall

upon the call

of something way beyond;

answer her and quickly find

the cunning in Gods song.


Don’t be pulled in

your wings will break,

you’ll hurtle to the floor.

But the songs you hear so bitter sweet

will last for ever more.



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