Dedicated to a friend

Living in grace.

Every thought batters it’s way through your head with a force like some great battle axe. Hard wood and cold steel; these elements have no place in your far away land.

You land is calm, and gentle; when the winds sweep across it and ruffle your hair across your forehead I see such a spring in your step it is as if the earth beneath you actually softens for an instant against the pressure of your feet. Your eyes see kindness everywhere, they repel human atrocities and stare back at hatred like it wasn’t real.

There is such grace in your gaze and the poise of your back, and you give the strongest hugs. It is as if you are trying to cram something back into people, something you perceive they have lost. Something they have likely never had.

This grace imbues you with such a subtle light- a light which has no desire to be seen and does not require acclaim of any kind or acknowledgement from the people around. It is visible, yet shy’s away from prying eyes; shy’s away from other peoples attempts to understand it. Other people wish to dissect and make sense; other people who likely wish to gain something from that which they perceive to be so different.

You are so distant from all of that desire. You are so distant from all of that. You only wish to laugh and live and love; all the best things make up your desires. The stuff which turns peoples hearts to stone rolls off you without even leaving an impression; you do not even feel it.

When the skies turn dark for you, and the air fills with electricity and pressure; you lay low and wait for the sunlight to return. Your grace waits, your grace is as patient as time itself, and I think it holds you now.

Where ever you are, and what ever is happening for you now your grace protects you. And I know it will bring you back.


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