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The vast maze of the unconscious mind..

As above, so below.

The skies are blue, black, pink and grey- the mind is multifariously multicoloured.

The unconscious- it’s like an ever changing, ever shifting maze; an aspect of the mind, a vast basement to the head.

Your chain of thought threads you through it like a piece of cotton through the eye of a needle. You soar through lighter places and slow down in the darkness; memories leap out and grab you for a while, your own psyche becomes a map to traverse, with emotions lingering as both warning and reward, comfort and torment.

Stress, tiredness, anger, regret- cause everything to tense up, make it harder to navigate and flow through these sometimes racing and sometimes turbulent currents. It turns flowing water into thick sluggish, treacle.

Emotions grip and reinforce the lines of the maze; they are like the ground upon which you tread, littered with holes and weak spots. Sometimes you slip, slide and fall through.

In those most sluggish moments the shadows in the deep places becomes darker and exert more influence- for everything here is constantly shifting and consistently altering.

Then the maze becomes dizzying; the lines of thought spiral away to nothing absolutely nothing, and then hold the point of focus with a harsh and tighter clasp. In those deepening shadows monsters seems to dwell, warning of doubt and of inertia- the longer you freeze the harder it is to get moving again, they tell you.

Distraction darts in and creates an escape; creates a new pathway in front of you. You move again, and you learn; but what have you lost, what do you gain? The lines of the maze rearrange themselves again, throwing you upwards and back to the room of your conscious thought; the room you constructed through work and grace and light.

The light permeates everything constantly, but sometimes thoughts betray us. Sometimes thoughts carry their own intention, and work to undermine the very system they rely upon.

A thought can lead us as far as we follow it, as far as we let it travel.

When that pathway runs too deep or runs too far the monsters and the ghosts have more space to multiply along it’s edges; when the skies are grey and flat above you may let your gaze slip, notice something from the corner of your eye which leers back at you.

Memory, doubt, stress, intrigue- a voice chimes in from outside and the maze shifts again.

You speed back up to the light, and the clear air, but a nagging sense remains of something glimpsed or something long forgotten; something which resonates on the most basest of levels. Steps are taken back in time, to a memory of a day long passed- following the glinting chain of thought, back to the source of that sensation.

And everything changes once more. It only remains the same for the period of time that you remain still.

What holds it all together?


You are the glue which binds this nexus together; this pulsing, writhing, maze exists because you exist. Ever changing, ever shifting; and ever existing.

Like the bright blue, dark grey, soft orange, black skies above our heads, littered with scudding dirty tufts of cloud.

As above, so below.




in ever changing weather conditions


8 thoughts on “The vast maze of the unconscious mind..

  1. You do realize that this is NOT the subconscious you are describing here. The monsters you meet will be elements of your consciousness that have been committed to the depths of your subconscious – for some people these take on immeasurable forms and are extremely ugly.

    Take your time, learn what’s going on and you’ll be fine. You have shown in this post that you have a good grasp of the fundamental issues at hand and you will be safe. What you need to do now is to recognize the link between this world and our own. Doing this will make travelling around there easier – but usually means that it’s harder to get there.

    Do not worry: the earth will become the more beautiful for you. When the times comes that you can travel there again, you will understand what is happening and why – and you will also know your place there.

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    1. Lol the world is already beautiful to me.. unbelievably so on some days.. and I know the monsters are only elements from my past which sometimes seem to have much more power than they really do.. I have this idea that the mind is like a nexus, we were traverse via thinking, feeling and everything else, and today I had the idea that it’s like a maze at times- usually when you’re tired or away from the light which gives your thinking speed. I actually think I was half asleep and dreaming slightly.. at the time. So, I guess, lol maybe I was referring more to the UNconscious mind than the subconscious..??

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      1. “I actually think I was half asleep and dreaming slightly.”

        So what is a dream? What do we do when we go to sleep? Higher consciousness is nothing less and nothing more than being conscious of the things that happen during our sleep.

        The real issue here is that

        (a) you were not perturbed by what you saw. Most people in the situation you were would find their ‘monsters’ to be unbearably terrible, and would either run away or be driven mad.

        (b) you do not yet understand what you saw and who you met. You experienced something during this time; when you experience the same feeling in an earthly meeting (or occurrence) you will be shown through what comes to pass what was going on when you were in this dream state. This will take a long time, but if the world for you is already wonderful, then there will be no need to encourage you to engage with it.

        When the morning sun makes glittering rainbows in the dew drops are far more beautiful than any diamond, you know you are on the right path.


      1. The place where you are falling asleep is, in a way, a no-man’s land. It is betwixt and between: you are conscious, yet things happen that cannot be described in fully conscious terms, that is to say, using fixed terminology.

        You will know that nothing ever happens twice – and you will know that from your journeys into the world that you described in this post. Furthermore, it’s so different that it can only be described by weaving it into the words you write with: in short, it requires you to be first a poet and THEN a scientist.

        Well, that is how Goethe became a scientist.

        Now: you cannot be conscious of the unconscious. That will forever remain hidden from us. We will meet it in the events that take place around us, and it is for this reason that conversation is the first step on the path outwards. The things that arise in a conversation that make you feel uncomfortable are those things you need to tackle within your own way of living. In your case, they won’t be many, but they will be there (and I’m not just talking about people who are aggressive and disrupting).

        Putting the two paragraphs together, we have a world that is to most people, invisible. It is invisible because they do not have the organs of perception that are needed if one is to see it. Not only that, these realms are quixotic, difficult and extremely subtle. That is why you thought them unconscious: you were not conscious of them before.

        That points to something different, though: it points not to the unconscious, but to something you were not conscious of previously. This ability has arisen through your struggling with life and your illness. This is the blessing of illness, for all its being nasty and brutal, the person will arise from it the stronger.

        As you have.


  2. Absolutely Beautiful and Accurate.
    Your writing soothes me, it eases my desire to try to eloquently describe what has happened over the years allowing me to reflect and understand myself as I am not searching for ways to describe the experience. This raises you in my esteem as you have been through so much and developed a writing style that is hard hitting yet gentle and delicate…

    I am slowly starting to emerge from the maze, to understand that I am the ‘You’ and to bring myself back from discombobulation, becoming balanced again. Thank you so much for sharing and I wish you well on your journey


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