Argument between lovers

Tense tones and voices,

mottled expressions,

fists screwed up and faces blotched,

arguments bring out the worst

and the most vexing of urges.


the fires dies down,

and all that is left

is that gap

between what was said,

and what was not said.

No man’s land.

A gulf where souls blow lonesome

in a cool breeze.

Words stretch out

to touch the other side, ache

to make it across.

Eyes can make the leap,

but hands must follow, and

words must follow that.

Tears fall and voices quiver-

hearts scream out

like they’ve been scrunched

right up into little balls,

fierce and hard

tight and shivering from the sense

of that fearsome cold,

that vast void between lovers.

Unnatural heart-ache;

unnatural state.

But then,

Hesitant, uncertain gestures

and strings of choppy sentences

throw a loose rope bridge across;

expressions and glances dart across

furtively and then shyly;

slowly a connection is rebuilt,

the gap is lessened.

Until, finally,

we touch each other once more

and throw ourselves into

one another arms again.

That space, that distance-

unnatural heart state.

No argument, no issue,

is worth that.


7 thoughts on “Argument between lovers

  1. You certainly wove something into that verse, didn’t you?


    the fires dies down,

    and all that is left

    is that gap–

    between what was said,

    and what was not said.

    I know that gap, you know that gap. It needs to be in your book.

    Liked by 3 people

      1. Okay, so it would be like touching the void. Yet it is a void that we humans have created ourselves, as a response to our not being able to comprehend the things you described in your “Unconscious Maze” post.

        Believe me, the void’s only cold because there’s not enough people there to warm the air when chatting with each other. But then, if there were, it’d not be a void, would it?

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I’ve been out of the loop for quite a while now, and need to get back into a regular writing pattern.. :/ But, anyway, thanks a lot for your support!


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