a vast calm ocean,

a still, empty space

in my mind now,

where previously

there was only the chaos and roar of

spiralling mad dissatisfaction.

This new silence

hums golden and

positively thrumbs with untold

possibility and a deep resonating


higher frequency and

higher notes,

hold me way up

above the noisy blare

from deep down below.

I’ve woken up!

A single sun-bean touches

my face and

I open my eyes with

a sleepy smile,

rumpled and dozy,

with dreams still

wafting through my minds eye.

Then I remember

and roll over-

smile sleepily

as his body lies next to mine

solid and real

actual as fact and as

dozy as me

in this early morning stupor.


the calm, still place which

holds us both

in it’s delicate thrall;

holds us both

in its golden gaze and

its soft, early morning

utterly blissful




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