Monday check in; looking forward to the week ahead!

Another Monday morning, and another day at work.

Sounds a tad dreary, but actually so far the whole experience has been pretty good! I am enjoying the routine, and the early morning starts haven’t been too taxing either. I was worried that after many years of unemployment, these first few weeks might kill me, but so far I haven’t really had any problems. I had to wait a month for my DBS form to get sorted before I could start and I think that because of this, by the time it came around I was dying to get stuck in.

My routine starts relatively early. I get up at 6.15am and leave the flat by 7am to get the 7.04 bus down to the valley, where I pick up the 7.12 407 which takes me all the way to Sutton. It’s an hour and 20 minute bus ride, which isn’t too bad, but I’m aware that when the school holidays end the journey time might get longer as the school run starts back up again. Caterham is the first stop and so I always get a seat, which makes it a bit less gruelling.

I’ve been wanting to use this journey time to do some work on WordPress, I could use the time really well by liking and commenting and connecting to other bloggers. Unfortunately my phone’s been playing up (it’s fairly old now), and so I haven’t been able to connect to internet and receive notifications unless I’m using Wi-Fi. I’m hoping to be able to get a new phone this weekend, unless I work out a way to save my internet in the mean-time. I’ve had my phone for almost 4 years now, so am probably due an upgrade.

I usually get the train home in the afternoon, because the bus and the traffic are both busier then, and I don’t have a guarantee of a seat. I’ve had a couple of issues with delays, and am slowly learning to understand why people resent Southern rail and all it’s bloody inconsistencies, and I’ve only had to rely on them for a month! I could really rant here about how unjust I feel it is that we don’t have a more reliable and efficient transport system in this country- I know that it works, and that it functions well enough- but I don’t think it’s fair that working people should lose more of their day because the train companies don’t run themselves better.

Obviously this is a massive subject, and there are many contributing factors to why certain rail operators have problems; but I think it’s disgusting that after doing a full day of work, good people who choose to use public transport rather than clog up the roads with their own vehicles don’t have a first rate system to enable them to do this. It’s a real pet peeve of mine, and although I know it’s a woefully unimportant first world problem, I still think it’s really terrible. Anyway, as said, I won’t rant on about that here. The trains run (well enough I suppose), and I haven’t been delayed too many times yet.

The work has been good, and whilst I am still learning the ropes I have already been given a client list, and have already met a few people. I can sense that as I become more experienced, and then as this happens get assigned more clients, this job is going to be great. No two days are the same, and every situation I will have to deal with will be different, because I am dealing with people! Working out plans and strategies to solve the problems people have, and then move them forwards in whichever way they feel is right for them is going to be gratifying and interesting. It’s been a bit slow so far, but I know it’ll pick up as time passes.

I’m taking Thursday off as I need to go and have my monthly colozapine blood-test, and then pick up my meds- and I’m hoping I can use this day to get a load of work on my book done. I’m planning to write another blog post on this subject soon, as I’m back working on it in quite a positive way which is exciting.

So, another Monday- but I’m psyched for the week ahead.

Have a great week everybody!


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