On Mental Health

Hello, I have a Mental Illness

This is a post from a brilliant writer and expresser of all things strange and wonderfully mentally ill.. I think her honesty is moving, and she has inspired me to write my own “Hello, I have a mental illness” series; or at least one similarly themed post. I have been out of the WordPress loop for quite a while, and reading this has made me want to jump back in at the deep end.


Fem Feelings

Life is not an American AA meeting. When you introduce yourself for the first time no one claps or gives you a supportive ‘well done you for making the first step’ nod, actually, there are precious few instances in real life where you will receive a positive reaction for announcing your MI to others.

Hello my name is … and I have …

Everywhere I go I see posters and adverts for inclusion. I see awareness raising and positive messages. I champion these movements but fail to apply the same pride or fight in my own life. I realised last week that I needed to change. I experienced a few ‘triggers’ and it has taken me ten days to do something about it.

Before I had a mental breakdown I was always fine. I was in a permanent state of ‘fine’ and now, once again I am (unfortunatly) fine. I…

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