God- you see

Through my eye,

How did you get in?

I do not remember opening

Any door.

And yet here you are;

My potential

My downfall

My power

My terror.

Can there be any escape from

Such vast implication?

Can such a small word contain

Such might?

If God had a face,

What would it look like?

Would you want to see?

If seeing meant that you

Would have to believe?

Perhaps God is only a prelude

To the question,

Any question,

All questions.

“Why do you judge me so?”

I ask

in a weaker moment-

And, lo and behold,

the answer comes back to me,

Near simultanious to the question-

“Because you let me,”

A voice booms somewhere close

To me;

“I judge you because

You let me.”



(Some lyrics stolen from Joan Osbourne’s song One of Us, because they fit perfectly into the poem and i think the song is brilliant!)


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