Love; like the sun and the moon

Am I in you,

like you’re in me?

Could that ever be?

Beyond the pure physicality of love,

the mechanics which make it all possible;

can you feel me in you,

like I feel you;

coursing through my veins

with the speed and weight of a giant

wave, a tsunami raging towards the coast

of some small unfortified island.

There are times when I feel so tiny,

so frail beneath your weight,

so defenceless against your certainty,

where I am often multiple,

you are always singular-

your one hard thrust supersedes the

complexity and multifarious nature

of my own soul, my own self-

my own power is often divided,

when the situation demands it breaks like a lightening fork;

I may start at one but I touch

the ground at many different points;

like the river filtering through an archipelago,

which the strong wave can always subsume.

Do I flood you in such a way

which I cannot fathom,

and you do not show?

Do my tiny rivulets of power send such

shivers and quakes through you

that you are moved, moment by moment

to come back to me with your

one eternally single, thrusting strength;

you return to me because I crave it and because

my own electricity powers it,

demands it,

is this how it all functions?

the masculinity and the femininity,

forever in flux,

dancing, destroying and creating anew;

forever in harmonious opposition,

like the sun and the moon.


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