The “thing” about Love is..

The thing about Love is-

(for is there not always a thing?);

be it hard and hot or

flimsy and immaterial;

when you try and pin it down,

when you listen to the words which

are whispered in the quiet places,

or shiver as the echoes reach

from outer space, you know that

the ether always posits an alternative,

a different way of seeing something, anything;

positive or negative, true

or false, relevant or irrelevant-

there is always an alternate way of seeing-

and where Love is involved,

the signal can be scrambled to the nth degree,

when the stakes are that high, and

feelings of the deepest kind are involved,

the ones with the power to send

your whole soul screaming;

to explode your heart and set your eyes

ablaze with the very force of such a word;

Love, such a thing which sets the skies

on fire;

the alternative is utterly unthinkable,

the alternative is nothing short of


a void, pure emptiness and cold,

hard ice.

The eyes cannot hold it, the heart cracks

and the soul itself retreats from such pain.

The thing about love is-

there can never be a thing,

there must only be.

For Love exists only for Loves sake;

it completes itself in the way that

my hand completes your hand,

my lips complete your lips-

there can never be ‘a thing,’

there can only be you and me;

finishing each other;

for then the ether retreats,

peace floods in and triumphs

and all of the possible alternatives in the entire universe

are quietened and made insignificant.

For Love really does conquer all,

and thus-

there is absolutely and utterly

no certain ‘thing‘ about it.





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