My body is as wide as a river.

My big soul

heaves and churns

with the wildest waters,

whipped up

with such a tempest madness.

When the pain flows through me,

salt water leaves my eyes

and my guts constrict,

like flapping fish caught in a

fisherman’s net;

gasping mouths frantically

sucking for clear air.

The rage and the torment of

these tiny,

sentient beings.

I am torn by such things,

by such injustices as

these deep,

wrenching emotions cast upon

my wide and

open-gazed soul.

She-moon above me

stares back

open mouthed and

slack jawed.


My body is as wide as a river.

My currents are relentless,

raging eternally through

fierce rapids,

icy cold and wet,


hard, impassive



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