An image glimpsed in the

mirror just before it shattered

into a million pieces and

the fragments cut my hands

and arms,

caused blood to seep.



The dream chased beneath a

beaming sun with outstretched

arms and breath which blew

through the branches,

whilst the air itself pulsed

and smiled with promise.



The taunt used to silence me

when the magic faded and the

music tripped and slowed its beat

till I could no longer tap my

feet or feel my heart beat.



The echo as years passed by

with little luck except a

clenched jaw

as I forced myself to hear

the word I could never




A memory as

lips brush mine and eyes

reassure that

everything I dared to believe

was real,

and that girl

was never really lost.



She screams

as age old glass shards

tear through my minds eye

and all the fragments of the past

rip out and I weep

for all the horror,

all the wars,

all the blood shed.



I settle down and sense the

air about me again-

don’t need to look for the mirror

or check my pulse.



I smile back at him and

steady my pounding heart and

churning mind,

so that everything beats and taps

and spirals to the

right time.



I summon my wits and glare

into the abyss,

stare to the screen and tap my

fingers like this.




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