Minds eye (poem)

I hold a needle

between thumb and forefinger,

stare through the tiny eye

and find infinity.

A multi-verse of vast


a soap bubble attached

to a second soap bubble

floating upwards into

a clear blue sky-

the light illuminate-


eye enabler

hiding trillions of

glittering stars,

countless, fathomless

balls of burning fusion


gas giants

roaring away beyond

the cold silence of space,

the cold silence of


Letting out a scream

my brain bends

and the labyrinthine passages

of my consciousness


and render me mute

psychic force

pours forth until

I can look

no further

and I fall screaming back

to earth,

back to safety,

back to mundane

water vapour,

porous soaking clouds,

and a pure kaleidoscopic intricacy

of peaceful co-existance.

Blue hues make my

cheeks flush and my eyes

glitter with a

queer luminescence,

eons of divinity

and quantum mystery;

vasts tracts of universal

space and time and


all of it,

burns away constantly,



all of it burns

within a minds eye.


7 thoughts on “Minds eye (poem)

    1. Haha thank you! That’s basically what I was going for. Though, reading back through it I may turn it into two parts. Think it loses power as it goes on. Cheers for the compliment though πŸ‘πŸ‘

      Liked by 1 person

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