POWER Responsibility.

“Without hope,

all men are animals,”

he tells me stoically from the chair.

“And all women too!”

I reply with an ironic


teeth bared to cover up

All our fear.

We smell it on ourselves now,


a low lingering

sour scent of too many mistakes,

too many actions

unable to be undone,

By those who should do the


Do not.

no way to counter

the implications

of rage.

Rage is fire,

out of control

unable to be restrained.

Reasons do not matter

no explanation

holds any sway or weight

there is no water

which can put out violence

or the

black cloud which

blocks out light

and eats air.

My teeth are locked,

his mind has faded away

and silence blooms

between us.

A dull ache.


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