Phoenix Rising (poem)

This love’s a craving

a desire deeper than the fishes-

there is so much dark in me

and though I myself can always

see the light, the beacon,

it may not flash

so consistently for another

locked into my orbit.

I burn as brightly as the sun

yet when I meet another

hotter entity

I want

I cannot summon the will

to cool back

and let my grey tones shimmer.


I flash more violently,

I want to blow them up

with me

so that we can both burn

and crumble into embers.

I know there’s renewal,


I’ve been a phoenix so many

times already,

but others don’t share my

conviction and regardless

it’s not healthy,

it’s not sustainable.


I search now for anchors

in my own self,

new winds and ways to

summon my phoenix powers

into new force and motion

so that they can lift

two souls up high and

submit to be held,

submit to hang and


submit to smoulder





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