Those old creams and colours

of contentment,

calming in the context of

waiting rooms and therapists offices

are now offset,


by the powder blue and

silver beige carpet

of the first place which has

really felt like home

for a long time.

A space,

after the aqua blue

of the smoking room

of Delius ward,

which finally sums up

the calm and lightness

of raised eyebrows


spirit levels


and positive emotions.

The yang to my history

the major to my memory

and the soft to my depressed

dark hues are now

relieved and offset

and I find it easier to balance

and glass of red wine

so that it doesn’t drip and stain,

leave marks which years later

draw me backwards.

These new colours

of contentment are worth


and prolonging;

the future they suggest

holds smiles and stamina

not just a proud swagger.

and egg-shell steps.


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