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Tired synapses

Tired synapses struggle with connection. I blink, and look back down to the page. Words stutter, to resolve themselves on my lips and in my mind, they patter out from the darkness on flat feet and flail about in the light of awareness, my brain’s waves are irregular- inspiration stutters and blasts in and out,…… Continue reading Tired synapses


On Mental Health

The problems inherent in “leaving schizophrenia behind.” (Part 1)

Sometimes when I look into the mirror I think I see something behind me, something trailing me and mimicking my movements, like a billowing shadow. There are times when my reflection seems to stare back at me- searching for answers in the lines of my face, meeting my eye semi-defiantly, and always waiting for the…… Continue reading The problems inherent in “leaving schizophrenia behind.” (Part 1)