On Mental Health

The problems inherent in “leaving schizophrenia behind.” (Part 1)

Sometimes when I look into the mirror I think I see something behind me, something trailing me and mimicking my movements, like a billowing shadow. There are times when my reflection seems to stare back at me- searching for answers in the lines of my face, meeting my eye semi-defiantly, and always waiting for the…… Continue reading The problems inherent in “leaving schizophrenia behind.” (Part 1)



Heroine- An image glimpsed in the mirror just before it shattered into a million pieces and the fragments cut my hands and arms, caused blood to seep.   Heroine- The dream chased beneath a beaming sun with outstretched arms and breath which blew through the branches, whilst the air itself pulsed and smiled with promise.  …… Continue reading Heroine