On Mental Health

Personal filters for reality (1)

Life is strange. Does anyone else agree with me on this? That life can be mind-bendingly, jaw-achingly strange at times. I consider myself, to most intents and purposes, sane- and yet there are days when things happen which leave me baffled and somewhat in awe of this crazy occurrence called Life. I’m not sure if…… Continue reading Personal filters for reality (1)


On Mental Health

The problems inherent in “leaving schizophrenia behind.” (Part 1)

Sometimes when I look into the mirror I think I see something behind me, something trailing me and mimicking my movements, like a billowing shadow. There are times when my reflection seems to stare back at me- searching for answers in the lines of my face, meeting my eye semi-defiantly, and always waiting for the…… Continue reading The problems inherent in “leaving schizophrenia behind.” (Part 1)