What’s in a name..?

My name is Alexandra, and I am 32 years old and living in the south of England; about an hour south of London.

This is my blog.

I used to be a prolific journal writer and writer of poetry. That was many years ago; and a lot has happened in the intervening years, which I hope will now fuel and underpin my writing now.

I dream of being published, and am currently writing several books, the main one being a “self-help” guide on how to recover from severe mental illness.

I was diagnosed with schizophrenia twelve years ago, and the recovery ride has been bumpy and strange as hell at times. I lived in and out of hospitals and residential schemes for a while as my mind healed and realigned, and experienced everything this strange condition had to throw at me.

Five years ago I travelled to India, and explored the southern half of the continent; three years ago I met my boyfriend, and since then the world seems to be slowly changing for me day by day; it’s colours seem to be shifting into lighter hues and brighter tones.

I currently have lots of ideas for stories which I want to write; short stories, novellas and full blown novels.. and am hoping that this blog will be a space for me to improve my writing skills, and bring all the different facets of my creative writing together.

I will also throw in some random stuff- thoughts and ideas which appear and hang around in my head long enough for me to write down, and some posts detailing interesting (or what I hope will be interesting) events which take place in “real life.” My boyfriend and I love travelling, and do it at every chance we get; so I will hopefully include some more reviews of cities and places we visit as well.

So please read on! Like, comment, critique, follow- any and all contact will be gratefully received; I very much hope you enjoy what you find, and stick around long enough to see where it leads to…