WordPress: welcome to the world..

I spent today reconnecting with my WordPress followers.

I have just hit the 100 mark, and decided to go back through my followers and remind myself of who I have connected with so far, thank people for bothering to follow me, and promote the book.

The book- which has kinda been put on the back burner over the last few days..

It’s ok (I keep telling myself), once I’ve got WordPress where I want it, and hopefully started a little bit of momentum with readers and followers, I can then devote more time to the book, and not have likes and follows and comments rattling around in the back of my mind.

I’m at a bit of a troublesome stage with writing, which I will describe in another post; and so have spent a lot of time on WordPress in the last few days keeping the creative juices flowing and putting together articles and poems which are slightly less demanding.

I hit 100 followers on sunday, which was pretty awesome, and decided that this was the time to go back through all of them and remind myself of who was there. It took a really long time.. but luckily I had a whole day free, and so was able to amble through the list and enjoy chatting to people who I haven’t heard from in a few months.

People have resurfaced who I haven’t connected with for months; people who I was chatting to a lot around the time that I started out; but then faded away as time passed and my consistency dwindled. It has been so nice to hear from people who meant the world to me as my “first followers”, and the first people who showed me how awesome this site can be.

Because that is really the point that has been hammered home to me today- how flipping great this site is. I feel as though I have literally dipped my toe into the lives of 100 different people today, as if I have taken a glimpse of the world seen through 100 different peoples eyes; and it has been mind blowing.

The vastly different lives people lives; their different outlooks, priorities and beliefs, and everything that makes up a personality is just laid out here in one site, one network of people with a common belief in connection, and the strength that we inspire in one another when we share and engage with one another.

It is actually quite humbling, in the mad and often tragic world we live in today, to know that there are literally millions of people out there who believe that empathy, tolerance and openness are the things we should build our lives around.

There are so many people who believe that by sharing we are stronger, and through taking an interest in another person with a perspective so different from our own, we make ourselves deeper and enrich our lives and our minds.

I have dropped into each persons blog, read a random post of theirs and then left my signature, and my mark of recognition. I have touched 100 people, all of whom have supported me in my quest to finish my book, get it out into the world, raise awareness of the issues which are important to me and connect with other people.

WordPress really is a brilliant site, and there are so many people to talk to I sometimes think I could happily sit here all day just reading, liking and commenting; and enlarging my world view and my perspective. It is a very easy way to pass the time!

So it’s been a really good day, and a great process to work through. I can’t wait to meet the next hundred followers and more, and keep on connecting with new and ever more diverse people.






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