Naked in the Rain

The air starts to choke, I open the door

my clothes start to smother, they fall to the floor

the rain falls to me, I open my arms

the water caresses, the lines of my palms.


The shadows are dampened, the air is awake

the light of the door glares so painfully fake

I shut the glare out, and open my eyes

I stare to the heavens, behind the night sky


Standing unshackled, free in the rain

I feel myself lighten, watered again

each single raindrop, which cleanses my skin

touches my inner, breathes to within.


The raindrops intensify, my body responds

with chills down my spine, a natural wand

opens my lips, and lets sweet life bloom

to course through my veins, completely consumed.


For when I stand naked, alone in the rain

I know there is nothing, similarly sane

myself and the sky, each raindrop a knife-

cuts through my skin and restores me to life.


3 thoughts on “Naked in the Rain

  1. Your best yet.

    Even the rhythm has that bouncy, pitter-patter of raindrops. But was that the ‘rhythm’ you wanted to convey?


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