Ascent (poem)

I fell into seawater.

Descended too far,

the pressure was almost too much

for my ears.

But something pulled me up-

some warm surge of power

a current racing

towards the light through

so much dark debris

and out into clearer aqua

blues and greens.

I emerged with sea weed in my

hair, bloody

from the

rock and stone of

ascent; bite marks

where pirrhanas tried to

make me their lunch;

scrapes where sharks teeth

grazed me.

There was so much salt

inside me

I’d forgotton I was

human and would have

been lost were

it not for that current.

It poured me upwards

with the force of a gale,

materialising for no known reason

rushing into a

turbulant frenzy and


setting me free.




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