Chew me up, spit me out

Oh mad world-

you want to chew me up

and spit me out

so badly

and I am tempted,

I cannot deny

the heady scent of your

hot saliva,

dripping, steaming

calls out to something in

my blood,

something salty

red and present which

only wants to be devoured.

It’s just that-

there’s another urge

an urge for singularity,

an urge for peace.

I’ve been through

the wringer once already

you see,

and I’m tentative now

because I know

how far I can be scattered-

between your teeth

my skin

would be scarred to tatters,

like it was before

and so I hesitate

before stepping up,

once again,

to join the fray.

Will those sharp teeth wait?

Will that panting breath

be pacified

by a foot dipped

into the shallows-

a kiss blown from a

closed mouth-

a wink?


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